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Architectural services for every situation

Throughout the planning process of your commercial or residential project, are you in need of a creative mind that can also solve the structural problems along the way? If so, you should seek the general architectural services of Steven R Savino Architect.


While design and the optimum use of the space is important and our main goal, we also provide a proficient and high quality set of construction documents which graphically expresses the design to the general contractor.

Seek our specialty: removing violations

Our architect, Steven R Savino, has ample experience in the removal of violations issued by the various city agencies. In knowing this, the next time you see yourself in a situation where the city is claiming your building or home as not up to code, then call and make an appointment with our firm.


Consider us your go-to company for all your architectural and building needs. Even if we don't perform a certain needed service, we'll have the contact information of someone who does.

Our general services

- Architectural renderings

- Interior design

- Legalization

- Decks, pools and fireplaces

- Public assembly and equipment use permits

- Certificates of occupancy

- Backflow preventers

- Zoning and building code analysis

We are an active member of the American Institute of Architects.

Have access to our sought after general architectural services.


General Architectural Servivces Architectural background