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Turn your building plans into reality

Whether you are looking to extend or convert your building, you're probably going to need the assistance from an architectural firm such as Steven R Savino Architect. When you choose to work with our full service company, you can rest assured in the fact that all your construction and building needs are well taken care of.


From the planning process to the building regulation submission, we stand by you the whole way. Put all the hard work on us so you can sit back, relax and watch your building or home increase in value.

Redesign your space with our help

There's almost no downside to updating your current property because if you make a clever investment, then you'll end up doubling your money when it's time to sell your home or building.


When you're ready to put your redesigning plans into action, you know exactly which company to call: Steven R Savino Architect.

Alteration services

- Schematic designs

- Final designs

- Conferring with local planning


- Construction drawings

- Determining project functionality

- Additions

- Roof Raising

- Conversions

- Façade redesigns

You know you can rely on a company with almost 20 years of experience on their side.

Get the most out of our architectural alteration services.


Architectural Alterations Architects inspect site with blueprint on-hand